Help Beau Fight Cerebral Palsy

Beau is a young Googonian, born on the 24th February 2015 who needs some financial support to enable him to receive the therapy and equipment he needs to thrive.  Waters’ edge would love it if you were able to support Beau and his family.

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A note from Beau’s mum …

I had gone in at 37 weeks pregnant because of low fetal movement. It was decided very quickly Beau needed to be born and I was prepped for a C section. He was a very unwell little boy and the first few hours of his life it was touch and go.  Beau spent 16 days in the NICU.

As time went on we realised that Beau wasn’t meeting his milestones and wait gain was extremely difficult for him. At 11mths old Beau was diagnose with Quadrapelgic Spastic Cerebral Palsy.

Beaus little muscles , especially in his legs, are very tight and consequently he is unable to sit, crawl or walk.

Research into brain damage has shown that while his is little we have the best chance to ‘rewire’ his brain through lots of therapy and equipment that supports him. This is called ‘neuroplasticity’.

For the last 18 mths we have been very busy with lots of therapy and finding the best pieces of equipment to help Beau and he has made great improvements. Every tiny achievement means so so much to him and our family and we work hard for every skill gained.  This has been paid for by funding called “betterstart” however this will be all used up in the next 6 weeks.

We CANNOT and WILL NOT stop therapy as it is so vitally important we keep moving forward and take steps toward Beau being closer to some sort of independence.

While NDIS has rolled out into our area we are still unsure as to when they will come on board for us and after many phone calls, emails, letters and tears we are still no closer to getting an answer. We are now trying to fund this ourselves and therapy and equipment come with a hefty price tag.

Jarrod and I would be forever grateful if you could even donate the smallest amount and help us achieve our goal.

Money raised will go towards continuing therapy for Beau (speech, physio, O.T and hyrdo) and will also go towards equipment such as a bath seat, a seat liner to go in typical high chairs and prams for when we are out and about .

If you would like to contribute to fundraising for Beau or even just sharing this campaign we would forever thankful.

Emma (Beaus Mumma) xoxox