What we’re about

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

Connect with the community

connect_plug_logoWe will connect with people who are living, working or being educated in the new Googong Township. As the township grows, develops and shapes its identity, we want to be part of its story.



Companionship in the community

companionship_bread_logoWe will provide companionship to those who live, work or are educated in the Googong Township. Companionship literally means “with bread” (com – with, pan – bread). We want to develop deeper relationships with people by sharing bread (and coffee or a good meal!) and journeying together with them.


Christ engaging community

christ_cross_logoWe are people of faith that find their light, life and love in God through Jesus Christ in the strength of the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus’ death and rising to new life has the power to change lives and transform communities. Christ asks us to be incarnational. This means we should be representatives of Jesus, living like Him in our communities. By doing this, we hope to bring more people into relationship with Him so that their lives might be transformed.


Our Vision

We will achieve our mission by:

Connect with the community

Connection with the community involves running social events offering members of the community to connect with neighbours and make new friends in the township.

We currently connect with the community through events such as Winter Warmer (July), Parents n Bubs (monthly), Yellow (monthly) and Sundowner (Oct).  ‘Tongs ‘n Songs’ is our major Christmas Event including a festival of community activities, carols and a creative telling of the Christmas story.

Companionship in the community

Companionship in the community involves ongoing connections with members of the community offering friendship and support.  This is often an extension of our connect events, for example our Parent n Bub’s Group enables us to providing company and assistance for families and individuals needing extra support.  we have an active and ongoing relationship with the Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group, we actively raise funds for them and offer support to staff and clients.

We often meet at Yellow Belly Cafe to share coffee and life together.

Christ engaging community

Connection with the community involves our regular @Home bible study group which is a non-threatening introduction to reading the bible together, @ The Cafe which is our monthly worship service held in the Yellow Belly Cafe and occasional celebration gatherings.

Each time the Waters’ Edge @ Googong leadership team meet, we start with a short reflection on a passage of the Bible.